Ideas & Details

No specifics on your luminaries; Make them from household items! Amazon and many other online retailers can get tea lights to you with time to spare, so no need to venture out. The idea here is unification through light, what you use to house your candle/light is up to you!

Some ideas:

Milk jugs or soda bottles – Great for if it rains in your area! You can cut them in half, put in your light (battery operated, candles will suffocate), then put the tops back on over the bottoms so the rain runs off!

Paper bags – You can cut designs in them to get real creative! Just put some sand in the bottom to keep them from blowing over. Battery operated candles are suggested for this one.

Aluminum cans – Use a hammer and a nail to punch holes in them to create designs. Send us your best designs so we can feature them!

Glass jars/mason jars – Can use semi-opaque paint to put designs on them or make them glow with colors!

Get creative, as long as your light can be seen! This is a great opportunity to let your kids get creative while teaching them about unity and good causes.

Those with elderly neighbors or ones that don’t normally participate in these sort of things, take the initiative and put luminaries out for them, show them that no matter what we stand united!