If there is one thing that is certain, the recent events due to the novel virus, COVID-19, have placed a heavy weight of stress on us all. No matter your situation, this crisis has caused you some sort of inconvenience. This crisis has been a rude awakening and some have paid the ultimate price.

It’s times like this where we all need a little unity, a little peace. Times like this where we could all use a little support from one another. We as a nation need to remember that we are all in this together. This virus doesn’t care about our race, our gender, our orientation, our political preference… it is affecting us all. Inconveniencing us all. Driving us all apart.

I organized this event to give us pause, a chance to take a deep breath and realize that no matter what, we need to support each other and work together to beat this thing. This event is an opportunity to reset and remember what we should value most but instead take for granted, life.

I’m asking you to join us in lighting up the night with luminaries to line our streets, sidewalks and balconies. Stand united with us for one night, let’s Unite The Night.